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I’ve got algae growing in my pool, although I keep adding chlorine. What’s going on?

This can be an indication of a leak, as the constant water loss can cause your pool chemicals to quickly go out of balance. It can also be an indication that the pool chemicals are not the right mix and amount.

Lately I’ve had to add a lot more salt to my saltwater pool than usual. Why?

This can be an indication of a leak, as the constant water loss can cause your pool’s salt content to quickly go out of balance.

My pool deck is lifting and cracking or separating. Can this be caused by a leak?

Lifting, cracking, or separating pool or spa decks are usually caused by a leak in a water line. The damage can be caused by water pooling up under the deck, causing the soil to expand. Or, if your property is on a slope and the water is leaking downhill and away from the pool, the leak can cause the soil that is under your deck to erode, which can lead to cracking and separating. Either way it’s a big problem!

We’ve got air bubbles coming into the pool. What’s going on?

Air bubbles can be caused by problems with pool equipment, such as cracked gaskets around the suction side of your pump. However, if you have determined that your equipment is all in good working order, it is possible that you’re pulling air in from a broken pipe underground.

My pool pump is making a strange noise and there’s a gurgling at the skimmer.

These noises can be an indication of a water pipe leak. In this case what’s happening, the pool is losing water. Because the water in the pool is too low, the pump is losing prime, pulling in air and making a lot of noise in the process.

How do you detect a leak under a concrete deck?

For pool leak detection in this case, the lines must be pressure tested, and then a special listening device is used to locate the area of the leak. Leak Detection USA has the knowledge, experience and specialized equipment to do this safely and accurately.
How do I know I have a leak in my pool, spa, fountain or pond?

Initial signs of a leak can be subtle. If you see any of the following, it may indicate a leak and should be thoroughly investigated by an experienced Leak Detection USA specialist:

  • Water loss of more than 1/4 inch per day from the pool, spa or fountain
  • Pool deck or patio problems, such as cracking, separating, lifting or sinking
  • Equipment problems, such as a gurgling near the skimmer or the pool pump making unusual noises and continually losing prime
  • Air bubbles coming from the return line to the pool pump
  • Cracks in the pool itself or at the tile line
  • Chemicals becoming imbalanced, causing you to add more than normal chlorine or salt to maintain a proper balance
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